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  • Affordable rates without broker fees
  • Real-time status updates regarding your move
  • Professionally trained, licensed, and insured team of movers
  • Only real reviews from real customers
  • Go green: we recycle and reuse whenever possible
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Let’s say, you have a 1 bedroom apartment and need a long-distance moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco (Bay area).
You Google "california movers" and compare prices of
a few of the same-looking websites. But beware of this typical scam scenario:

Their website promises a low $899 all-inclusive price to extract your phone number or email.

They then contact you and explain why the “real price” will be $1,599 (still unrealistically low)

They call 6 moving contractors and sell them your job for the largest possible profit — often as much as $500.

A moving company (or person) who bought your project, and who has not been vetted by the broker, comes to your house for the estimate and gives you a new price of $2,100, explaining that there was a mistake in estimation and this is how much it really costs. They’re betting on you not having time to start searching again, and will instead simply agree to get it done.

Because your new mover will pay a lot of money to the broker and doesn’t really care about the quality, there is a big chance that they will use people without proper training to earn a profit. Very often, the broker doesn’t care about quality. Many of then are in the moving business for profit only. This is how your moving can become a nightmare and your next full-time job. Think about it. $2,100 — $500 = $1,700. In order to get at least some profit, they have to hire the cheapest labor. During the move there is a high chance that your valuables may be broken, items gets lost, crews will not show up on time, and your whole move can take a ridiculously long time and cascade into other issues.

You can call the company and leave a bad review. But by then, some of them will have created a new company with a fresh website, along with 20 fake Yelp! reviews. Nothing new here.

Why Cali Carriers Moving Are a Better Option For Your Move:

1. Affordable Rates and No Broker Fees
2. Accurate quotes
3. Status tracking
1. Affordable Rates and No Broker Fees

1. Affordable Rates, no Broker Fees

Because we don’t pay to brokers, we can bring our costs down while still using professional movers and quality recyclable moving tools.

2. Accurate quotes

2. Accurate Quotes

During the estimate, we will ask you as many questions as possible (ex: size of your apartment, any special requests, packing, IKEA assembly, TV installation, etc) in order to give you the most accurate quote at the beginning and avoid extra fees. After that, your movers will come to you and if the information provided by you was accurate,


3. Status tracking

3. Status tracking

At any time you can request a link where you can track the status and location of your move, talk to your movers online and even ask them to send you a live picture of work progress.

our mission

Keeping California Clean

For every moving project we perform, we do proper recycling and use high-quality reusable pads, blankets, wardrobe boxes, and other reusable moving accessories in order to keep your stuff safe and to minimize our impact on the environment.

Let’s keep our state clean!

Stan BogdashinCEO,

“We believe that California (and the world) deserves an honest, eco-friendly, and conscious approach to moving. This is why we created Cali Carriers Moving. We’ve been in the industry for years but started this brand in 2018. It’s time for somebody to set new standards. Help us to build a better moving experience together!”


Our people are polite, trained, and experienced movers. They know how to squeeze your huge sofa in a stairway in a smooth fashion, pack your belongings properly, ensure that all your glass is safely secured, pads are used on all your furniture, etc. It will save you a lot of time, make the process fast, and reduce unnecessary stress.
This is Alex (Sasha), the moving man!
Most likely, you will work with his team.

Real reviews from real customers

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Vik Torria 28 June in 20:23
Excellent moving experience! Cali Carriers was super friendly and flexible with my short-notice move. I was moving out of SF to LA and needed to get furniture to two different places ASAP. Cali Carriers made it happen and the crew was extremely through and professional. Great small business and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reputable moving company!
Awa Umeliy24 July in 22:49
Awesome experience, on a ten-point scale, I give 25 !! Thank you so much.
Estelle Fox10 July in 1:10
I got so Lucky when I found this moving company to help me make one of my biggest moving events in life! I decided to move from Cali to Chicago, IL and it was nothing but smooth! The Employees are on time, professional, caring, knowledgeable about the process! I had a lot of stress eliminated by using this positive moving team!
Reed Scott Adler 21 June in 13:39
I finally grew up and hired movers. When I was in my 20’s and hopping around from apartment to apartment, “moving” meant getting a bunch of friends with cars to drag boxes from my old place to the new one... then treating everyone to pizza and beer. This time I had too much stuff, and some of it halfway valuable. I found Cali Carriers online and filled out their form. A customer rep. called me about 10 minutes later, and asked me a bunch of questions about how many boxes, what type of furniture, “precious” items, etc. We agreed on a price; and, when the crew came, they were totally professional, and knew all the details. The move went off without a hitch, and I tipped the guys directly in cash. (They didn’t want to stick around for pizza!!) I recommend Cali Carriers if you’ve gotta move in California, and you want a painless process with decent prices.
Nick Murphy 27 June in 15:13
My relatives moved from San Francisco to LA - all good experience. No damage to anything. Grandma also had a larger item that she wasn't moving but was going to throw away. They offered to take that down to the dumpster for us. These guys busted their butts so we bought them lunch and gave a big tip. We moved mid-June so were able to book them only a few weeks in advance. But, if you are moving at the end of a month, esp. during the spring or summer, call them really early! They book up fast!
Maxim Poluektov25 June in 15:16
Real professionals. Will book these guys again, this time for my office relocation. Highly recommended!
ира белоус28 June in 03:05
Well, we all know that moving is always stressful. I am endlessly grateful to Cali Carriers for making my experience easy and comfortable. The guys came on time, they worked fast, clean and neatly. I could just sit and answer their questions while the work was being done. I have a great amount of fragile items (I collect porcelain animals) so I was really impressed when I opened the box at my new place and none of my animals were damaged! Not to mention the staff like furniture, clothes, rags - everything was safely packed and delivered on time. Definitely will recommend Cali carriers to my friends all over the country (I found out the company works in 48 states). Special Thanks to charming Alex

Residential Moving FAQ

Do you provide a tax deduction form?
Yes. You can deduct your moving costs from your taxes.
What is included in my local moving quote? Do you have any hidden fees?
Everything will be included in your moving quote including all tools and moving supplies, labor, truck, gas, tax, insurance, packing and unpacking services. Pretty much everything except TV installation (according to the state regulations, it’s considered to be a construction project), baby carriage assembly and some other rare exceptions.
Do you have taxes and basic insurance included in my local or long-distance moving quote?
How will you protect my upholstered furniture?
We use a special material called stretch-wrap. It is a heavy, clear-plastic wrap that protects your furniture from being soiled.
How much time do you need to complete the job?
Usually, it takes 1 day for most local jobs and 2 days for a long-distance moving service. Expedited delivery is also available.
Can I pack anything in the drawers of my dresser or desk?
All loose items must be packed in boxes to prevent loss or damage while moving. It is recommended that you pack all items and leave the drawers empty.
I want to do some packing and moving before the movers arrive. What areas would be most helpful?
Focus on packing, instead of moving. Smaller items and moving boxes can be moved very quickly by professional movers. Don’t spend time trying to move these items yourself. Rather, focus on packing boxes, so when the movers arrive, you are 100% ready.
Can I leave clothing in my dresser drawers when I move?
It is generally fine to leave your clothing in your dresser drawers during the move.
  • Be sure to remove anything from the drawers than may roll around or shift during transport, as this can cause damage.
  • If the dresser is particularly large (a triple dresser or part of a large armoire), it is best to at least partially empty it.
Do I have to give my movers a tip?
It’s not a requirement but will always be appreciated.
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